What lights you up?

Wow, I went to a breakfast chat the other day by Mel Neil from the Langley Group on positive psychology in the workplace, and what lights you up.

How freaking fabulous was that chat! And the thing that got me is that she showed us the science behind it.

I can’t help it, call me a nerd, but I love it when science validates what you’ve been intuitively doing for years. I love the figures and the graphs and most of all I love it when someone passionate gets really excited and tells you great stories about their stuff.

Using your strengths lights you up

Using your strengths lights you up

For me, Mel’s main point was that people with higher levels of wellbeing are healthier, more resilient, successful, caring and altruistic, they live longer and are more socially engaged. One of the best ways to improve your wellbeing is to spend time doing the things that light you up, things that you value, things that are your strengths.

This is a big change for lots of people, we’re wired for negativity, ‘better get ready, something is about to attack us’ mentality. Really useful eons ago and still useful at times today but mostly not needed.

Bucket loads of studies are now showing that  helping people focus on their strengths re-energises them, makes them way more productive and improves their wellbeing. Win-win!

Example, ask me to wash the dishes or tidy up, not a strength, I’ll do it ‘cos I have to, not much energy there.  Ask me to coach someone on a new way of implementing anything and yippee I’m on, ideas pouring out, feeling re-energised and lit up.

So, have a little think about the last time you felt lit up, smiling, feeling great, loving what you were doing…

Now think about what strength(s) you were using at the time…

Write them down in your journal.

I am (insert strength here). I’m good at (insert strength here).

Try this, practice saying your strengths to yourself, then say them out loud, several times a day, and every day for a week.

Now go and find more ways and places you can light yourself up using your strengths.

And of course, don’t forget to write about how that feels and what happens in your journal.

Thanks for reading.


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