Opal Dreaming Chronicles


My first (published) fantasy novel is ready to fly...

Fantasy stories have been been buzzing around my head since I wrote and illustrated Pipkin the Pixie a thousand years ago (OK maybe only about 50 years ago). And then The Interrupted Journey in high school, a story about a girl with purple eyes and magic who battles the villain Gondolmoor, who lives under Uluru – or the girl and her friends do…I can’t quite remember. Anyway, there were magical powers, of course, and aliens, also of course.

Here's the teaser for Ochre Dragon: The Opal Dreaming Chronicles Book 1...

On three distant worlds, three women journey towards their destinies. Before they started out, all three made a choice – to forget they share a single soul.

In tech-ruled post-Crack Earth, where magic doesn’t officially exist, project manager Ali’s humdrum life under the crumbling Melba Dome is becoming weirder by the day. Her fingers keep glowing, a snarky dragon takes up residence in her head, and people she thought were her friends keep trying to control, kidnap or assassinate her. To top it off, she can’t figure out why her previously perfect memory is suddenly full of holes.

Meanwhile, on Heavens Gate, where magic and science have forged an uneasy alliance, research analyst Merindah is desperate to save her dying planet. What she lacks in magical ability, she more than makes up for in ambition, which comes in handy as she navigates family politics and feral deities. But when an impatient and not-so-extinct dragon begins to help her solve the puzzle of the Yarran journal, she realises her magic might not be as weak as she’d thought.

Finally, on Reverie, where magic rules unfettered, a young orphan becomes burdened with tainted magical gifts. Dee is alone, trapped in a waking nightmare. When she finally surrenders to the voices in her head, her out-of-control magic unleashes her dragon and propels her onto a path that could unravel the fabric of time and space.

Three women, three worlds – and their time is running out. Unless Ali, Merindah and Dee can reunite and unlock the secret of the Timegates in a single year, all is lost. They must each make unimaginable sacrifices to become the Key, the Gatekeeper, and the Fire who will save the Cosmos – or ignite Armageddon.

First though… they need to teach their soulmate dragons who's in charge!

So what happens next?

Book 2 in The Opal Dreaming Chronicles is well on its way. Currently, the title is Huon Staff - and yes, we're still in Australia somewhere in a parallel universe. It's home.

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Thanks for reading.


Alli Morrow


Jiemba - Alli's dragon soul


Merindah Nightshayde