Opal Dreaming Chronicles


My second book is written—several times.

It’s so much more difficult to write fiction, or that could just be me. Making stuff up has taken way more time than remembering and reflecting in my memoir Breathing While Drowning It’s been a completely different experience.

This is the dream of writing a fantasy series. Fantasy stories have been been buzzing around my head since I wrote and illustrated Pipkin the Pixie a thousand years ago. And then The Interrupted Journey in high school, a story about a girl with purple eyes and magic who battles the villain Gondolmoor, who lives under Uluru – or the girl and her friends do…I can’t quite remember. Anyway, there were magical powers, of course, and aliens, also of course.

After my fiction dam burst in mid 2017, my writing has come in ebbs and flows. But mostly flows. Changing habits has helped, getting into an early morning writing habit tells my brain an my heat that my writing matters. And I’ve had great help from family and friends, Tom Bird, Twitter writers and all the books I read.
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Here's the teaser for Ochre Dragon, Book One of The Opal Dreaming Chronicles so far...

Three women from three worlds share one soul.
A trio of snarky dragons use the Timegates to unite them.
A coalition of friends, foes and feral deities work to keep them apart.
Together they form the Gate, the Key and the Fire that ignites Armageddon—or do they?

So what happens next?

Draft 3 is done. It’s sitting with the style editor waiting for a review, and in the meantime, Cassi has drawn the cover art and some of the main characters for me.

I'll tell you a little more about them when I get some website time. If you can't wait that long, sign up for my Book Friends updates in the footer and you'll hear about it first.

Thanks for reading.


Alli Morrow


Jiemba - Alli's dragon soul


Merindah Nightshayde