Chickabella, a rainbowed chicken with a red headband bearing a pink heart

Chickabella Shapes Up

Chickabella wants to snuggle with her mum. But her seven younger siblings race her to the best spots. Each chick shares their unique ideas about moving and shapes with their big sister. Luckily, Chickabella's mum has her own snuggly idea.

Little ones will love tracing the shapes and moving with the actions.

There are lots of opportunities for learning seven shapes and seven types of movement, and of course, colours.

Chickabella Counting Ten Feathers

Chickabella Counts to Ten

Chickabella is back for another colourful adventure. She entices her seven younger siblings and three feline friends into a game of hide and seek.

Little ones will love counting down with Chickabella, joining in with each player's action as they race off, and finding where all the chicks and cats are hiding.

There are lots of opportunities for counting as each page helps you introduce children to a different number with pictures, numerals and words.

Chickabella and the Rainbow Magic

Chickabella and the Rainbow Magic

Chickabella is supposed to be minding her seven younger siblings. But, she gets into some colourful mischief when she borrows her mother's magic wand.

Little ones will love looking at the colourful pictures and joining in with making the shapes and sounds of what each diversely named chick wants to be when they grow up.

Each page helps you introduce children to a different colour of the rainbow.

The Chickabella creators

Now there are three Chickabella adventures to read aloud with your little ones. Ideal for early readers to read on their own!

This series is a collaboration between mother and daughter team Veronica and Cassi Strachan in honour and memory of their beloved sister and auntie, Mary - who told the best stories. Veronica wrote the words and Cassi created the delightful Chickabella.

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