What does success look like to you?

Every person paints a different picture of success.  It could be homes, cars, boats, clothes, jewellery, for others it would be a high profile, high paying career or body of work.  Some people would choose experiences, holidays or adventures to make your hair stand on end.  Others would choose family, contribution to their community, making their difference to one or many, recognised by the global community.

For me success is summed up in the word freedom.

Freedom is feeling and knowing, really knowing in every single cell that my life belongs to me.  Everything I think, feel, do and believe matters and that’s what counts.  I choose to live every mundane, mediocre, marvelous or magnificent moment exactly as I please, I really can.  That’s freedom.  And the more I believe, practice and live this, the more successful I become.

My life belongs to me.

I let myself choose creative, joyful and intuitive.

All sounds pretty good but, apart from believing you can, how do you do that on a moment by moment basis?

I certainly don’t always get it right, what helps is taking practical action.  Here’s a few of my faves:

  1. To be creative I schedule creative sessions into my calendar every day. That way my body and mind get into the practice of feeling creative.  I get up early and start my day with an hour of writing, before I look at emails, before I start working.  I always have a notebook with me so that if I feel the need to write or draw I’ve got the tools handy. I have notebooks all over the house in case the creativity strikes me at any point. I don’t wait for a big idea, I gather all my ideas. I’ve even been known to grab some toilet paper and write a quick note on that!
  2. With joyful as my choice for the moment a mantra is my practical action – “Bring the Joy!”  To everything and everyone.  I say it to myself often.  Easy enough to do when you’re in the spring sunshine gardening with your best mate, takes a little more concentration and practice going into a meeting on the annual financial statements.  But if you think about what the business has been able to achieve, how many people it’s helped, staff, clients, families then there is joy.
  3. How do you take practice action on being intuitive? Practice listening to yourself.  Spend time journaling about how you feel about what you did during the day, the week, the month, the year. Get conscious about what’s important to you, what you value.  What your one word is.  When thvose things are uppermost in your mind, that’s what you’ll tend to focus on and what you’re moment by moment decisions will build on.  You’ll be more inclined to follow your intuition and choose to be the person and do the things that are congruent with who you want to be.

So what does success look like to you? How do you spend each moment being successful? What small daily action could you take to get closer to that success?

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