Women Who Care Confabs are small groups who gather to listen to a variety of respected speakers, questioning and discussing issues that are important to women working in health, aged and community care settings. The speakers bring research and hard won experience and share lessons learnt and how they personally applied them. Attendees commit to applying one of the ‘care points’ the next day. An accountability partner provides personal support to check in between sessions. All money raised from these events goes to support Very Special Kids.
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Women Who Care Womenar is a 1 day event which gathers speakers from all across the health, aged care and community sector to share their research, hard won experience and lessons learnt. The theme for this year’s summit is ‘Inspire, Instruct & Involve – lessons for work and life.’

Speakers are charged to share personal and practical lessons which can be applied by the audience. All profits raised from this event goes to support Very Special Kids and the Grow Foundation for Kids.

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