If you are searching for something new to get lost in, let me tell you about something by V. E. Patton. She has taken on the task of incorporating dragons, future (somewhat dystopic) Australia, a new, topsy-turvy world, in which gender roles are reversed, and the mythologies of the original people of Australia, and has incorporated them into a story filled with longing, adventure, love and hate. There are heroes and villains with unexpected powers at work in a world run by an unseen organization, which seems to be the embodiment of George Orwell’s 1984. Ali and Merindah are unforgettable protagonists, as is the palpably evil Nina. Just forget about your present mundane existence, as you open up this new adventure.

‘This intriguing fantasy keeps you on your toes! As you enter into a world where the old ways intertwine with a dystopian world, the lives of three very unique women whose essence is connected at its very core unfolds. Magic blends with science as they fight for what they believe in, merging together in a way that could save or destroy the world. The story takes you on an exciting adventure that challenges and uplifts you in ways you wouldn’t expect. The author’s creative talent threads a web of enchantment throughout the story to keep you guessing at every turn, a great read.’

‘…the author strikes a deep down forgotten cord that connects us to our cosmic origins, our dreams, our soulmates, our yearning of coming home one day.’

‘… a new fantasy series ready to sweep the reader away to a world of science, magic, mystery… and dragons. Written with breathless excitement, Veronica has beautifully structured a dream like narrative that introduces us to three women ultimately bound by a spiritual quest to protect the greatest of creations – life itself.

With effortless world building, characters to capture your heart and a style that blends elements of fantasy, science fiction and mystery against a backdrop dripping with spiritual secrets, Ochre Dragon – The Opal Dreaming Chronicles will capture the minds and imaginations of fantasy literature lovers everywhere.

‘Noooooo!!!! That can’t be the end! I need more! What happens next?!?! Right are you finished writing book two yet? It is so freaking good!!! I literally got only a few hours sleep because I couldn’t stop reading and couldn’t wait to wake up and keep reading. Holy s#*t – you have written something truly fantastic! (In both senses of the word!)’

Hafizah Ismail

Breathing While Drowning is an essential companion to anybody who wants to heal from a significant personal loss, reconnect to their dreams and live a joyful life again. By drawing on her own experience of the death of a child, Veronica compassionately guides the reader through their ‘ocean of grief’ and frustration, to find more vibrancy, passion and enthusiasm, in their time, at their pace. A wonderfully inspiring and uplifting book!”

Corrinne Armour

“Veronica is an amazing woman, just as so many of us are (and don’t always realise). This book is an honest and inspiring account of her story. I do hope that it’s writing helped her healing, and it’s reading will help the healing of others.”

Rachael Jayne Groover

“Veronica is a gifted storyteller with a message of courage and hope that opened my heart. This story will inspire other women to take courage in their own quest to feel, heal and reconnect to themselves.”

Sue Howard

“It is so beautifully, sensitively and honestly written. Lots of tissues, tears and smiles.”

Megan Dalla-Camina

“Veronica is not only incredibly wise, with great wisdom to share, but she is incredibly brave. The way she shares her journey, in order that it may be of service to others, is courageous as much as it is kind. And it will indeed be of great support to others as they walk their own path.”