A SPEAKER to inspire, instruct, and involve

If you need a motivational, creative and engaging speaker who can lead a conversation with purpose and passion, look no further.

I’m passionate about helping people to create a life that expresses the very best of who you are.

Your life belongs to you. Everything you think, feel, do, and believe matters—and that’s what counts!

I bring audiences decades of stories and insights on life, loss, change and leadership that will equip you for radical transformation—one small step at a time.

A speaker to inspire, instruct and involve

My insights are unique experiences and practical tools honed by growing up in suburban Melbourne a child of the 60’s, a teenager in the 70’s, and my professional life as a working mother, nurse, midwife, director of nursing, project, change and general manager, CEO, small business owner, consultant, facilitator, coach, speaker and author.

And I’m not finished yet!

Whether you want to inspire, instruct or involve your audience—as a speaker I love to bring energy, insights and edge to conversations, challenging people to explore, and take radical action—in their own time and on their own terms.

Life’s song calls softly—are you listening?

Speaker Programs

My speaker programs are always interactive, and every audience leaves with something practical they can implement immediately. These are a few of my favourite “speaking” things:

Business women can care and spiritual women do wear suits

As well as engaging stories,  in this session I will share simple practices that will help you to:

  • develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want at all times: personally and professionally
  • be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others
  • reconnect to the powerful feminine: empowering women leaders in life and business so that they feel ready to take their next inspired step—confident in their ability to be seen and heard, and to attract the attention they want.

A coalition of committed women is one of the most powerful forces for change on this planet.

The steps connecting you to confidence are: conscious, curious, courageous, capable, creative and compassionate.

It’s your remarkable life

Remarkable means worthy of attention, and you are worthy of attention—your own attention. I love sharing practical tools and tips that reconnect you to what you value, and help you to remember what’s important in your life, so that you can choose differently, and show up confident and ready make change.

I’ll teach you how to connect with the person you are now: your values, capabilities and potential, creating the person you wish to be, and taking steps towards dusting off those dreams and making them a reality—all in your own time, and in your own way.

It’s time to connect with teachers and mentors who can guide and support you to new breadths and depths in your personal and professional life.

Breathing While Drowning: The Quest for Wholeness

Losing something deeply important – a child, a friend or even a piece of yourself – can make you feel like you’re drowning with no dry land in sight.

But there IS a way through that ocean.

With insightful compassion from my own experience of losing a child, I’ll share the life buoys and signposts on the wholeness quest that can help you get back onto dry land; back to feeling, healing and reconnecting to a conscious, joyful life.

Drop me a line with your details and we can chat about speaking for a tailored talk or workshop for your audience.

If you arrived on this page first, you may not have seen that I’m an author and blogger.

My book Breathing While Drowning: One Woman’s Quest for Wholeness shares how I found feeling, healing and re-connection after the death of my young daughter Jacqueline Bree, and shares the signposts along the quest that brought me back to a conscious joyful life.

You can also follow my [semi-regular] blog, where I share the ups and downs of how I work on living that conscious, joyful life.